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NHL Regular Season Hockey Contests:

NHL Season Has been extended till May 11, 2021.


Contests will be extended to include all games!




Fantasy Cup Hockey Challenge or FCHC is our Pick'em point style contest. In this contest you have specific players assigned to groups and you must pick ONE (1) player from each of the groups of the contest. Carry your roster of players during the season, gaining points for goals and assists and maximize your point totals by trading players within those groups. Registration begins before and at the start of the regular season. There are TWO (2) formats to this contest. 1. The CI Edition, and 2. The Newspaper Edition. Each has it's own specifics on How to Play, Rules, Registration and access. Some Key information is listed below, but go to the Specific "CI FCHC contest" page or the "Newspaper FCHC Contest" page for more information


Both Contests versions have great prizes and fantastic competition between all the contestants.






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