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If you need assistance with any contest regarding entry, picks, payments, or questions, you need to contact our support department via email. You can reach them at


When Contacting CI Fantasy Sports, please allow 1 to 2 business days for our support team to get back to you. In some cases due tot he nature of your inquiry, the response may take longer than the usual 24 to 48 hours to reply. Be sure to include your name, contest you are playing, and any pertinent information necessary to assist us in helping you with your request. The more information we have about you, and the concern you have, the better we can help serve you.

Questions or concerns about the contest you are playing or wish to play send your inquiry to:


Contact Information:

CI Fantasy Sports
c/o < Enter newspaper name here>
P.O. Box 70005, 1-1660 Kenaston Blvd
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3P 0X6

tel: (204) 800-3471 (Not a live support centre)
fax: (204) 487-0008

To inquire about setting up or the benefits of our contests for your Newspaper or organization, please contact us through our email (No contestant support questions answered through this address).


Sales Info:

To get more specific information on the particular contest/promotion we have, contact us through the "Contact Us" page or email us at  Be sure to include your name, address, organization you are with, and your contact info (phone/email).