Stock Market Investment Challenge

Stock Market Investment Challenge Students

Trading of stocks will be used to calculate the rankings in the contest.

Students, your teachers will lead you through the registration process. The key things for you to know and study is the stock list.......which you can download here by clicking the "Stock List" Link below. Use this PDF list to decide which stocks you are going to pick to start off with. You have to pick ONE (1) Stock from each of the Eight (8) Categories. Then you must allocate  between $1000.00 and $30,000.00 dollars for each stock that you pick. The total money you have is $100,000.00. So make sure the EIGHT (8) choices add up to $100,000.00 and you are good to go.


Once the contest registration deadline passes (Friday Feb 25, 2011), your entry will be added to the contest and you will have access to your entry as soon as the entry makes it into our system.


You will hold your original picks in the contest till Wednesday March 30th, 2011. On that day you will have access to start trading stocks. You can only trade stocks in the same group. So if you hold a stock in group 1, then you can only trade for another stock in group 1. You can not trade from a stock in group 1 to say Group 4.....Sound easy? It is!


When you log in you will only have access to see your portfolio information. You will however be able to see your class rankings as well as the full contest rankings. So you will be able to see that on a weekly basis, but your individual rank will be viewable daily in the overall school contest.


Now get ready to play!


Stock List PDF - Click to get full list of stocks in contest.