Stock Market Investment Challenge

2011 SMIC Teacher Information

All Registration forms have been added to the contest and we are just organizing all the usernames and passwords. Access will be available by Friday March 18th, 2011. First published results and access to rankings will be Tuesday March 22nd, 2011 in the Winnipeg Free Press. Payment request emails have been sent.


The School contest is very simple and easy to play. Teachers will have profile in our system, and then enter as many classes identities into the contest as they wish (each class or class identity can have up to 35 students registered). Teachers can use the resources online or use the newspaper entry form to batch these entries and send them in for inclusion in this contest. We will describe each scenario below.


Each Class or Class identity that is set up will require a payment to be included in the contest. The cost is $34.95 (mailed in or online registration process). By registering your class(s), you will get access to view all the students in your class, their portfolios, their rankings, and stocks stats as well. Remember only 35 students per class identity. You will be mailed out a 1st report to confirm all your entries, and usernames and password for login approx March 18th, 2011. There will be no receipts provided (other than paypal receipts if you choose to pay online by credit card or paypal account.


Online Registration Process:  This year we require you to download our excel spread sheet registration form. In past years, the online process was unclear to some, and caused confusion and duplication. This year by downloading the registration form, and emailing it back to us before the registration deadline, you will get email confirmation of receipt of your entries, and then you can forward payment. Payment instructions will be on the registration form and please follow those instructions carefully.


When you have completed filling in the information on the Online Registration form, please email it to:, with the message in the header " 2011 SMIC  School Entry Form". Our support team will return your email confirming receipt of your entries. Click the link below to download the file. Please save it to your hard drive.


Teacher Registration Form. Click here to download excel sheet.



Mailed in Registration Process: If you choose to use the Mailed in entry form method, be sure to follow these guidelines. 1. Make sure there is a cover letter with all the pertinent school contact info, class info, and teacher info 2. Make sure you have no more than 35 Student entries per class identity 3. Make sure each student has picked only One (1) stock, in each of the 8 groups 4. Make sure each student has selected a value between $1000.00 and $30,000.00 in each group and that the total used in each group adds up to $100,000.00. 5. Make sure each class identity has a payment included in the mailed in report to us (You may combine payments in One Check or Money order for multiple class identity payments if you wish).


To send in your mailed in entries or online payments please send them to:  CI Fantasy Sports, c/o The Stock Market Investment Challenge 2011 School Contest, P.O Box 70005, 1-1660 Kenaston Blvd, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3P 0X6. In making your payments, please make them payable to "Cornerstone".


If you have any questions, please contact us at