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Sole Survivor Pools NHL Challenge:


The 2021 56 Game SSP Challenge "Bracket A"... Cancelled for 2021!


Due to ongoing Game cancellation with COVID-19


Sole Survivor Pool NHL Challenge is a one pick a week survivor pool.......last person standing takes home the top prize! Total contest prizes can be in excess of $350,000.00 USD. Pick one team each week you believe will win at least 50% of their games that week, and you advance to the next week. Pick winners to the end of the season and you could a Winner...share or be the LONE SURVIVOR.



Study your teams, where they play, what are the injuries, what is their travel schedule, how many home games, how many away games and how does that play into your selection? All key ingredients into your skill of picking the right combination at the right time. Out Pick, Out Last, Out Play your opponents.


2021 NHL 56 Game full schedule..... in excel format for download, click here to download.


1. 2021 56 Game NHL Sole Survivor Pool Challenge "Bracket A"....more info


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