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The following are registration links for the 2021 56 Game FCHC.



Registration link active on January 8th, 2021


The 2021 Rules for FCHC 2021 56 Game "Newspaper Edition":





The rules for each specific contest can be obtained by clicking on the particular host contest you wish to read. By clicking on the host link, a separate window will pop up with a detailed description of the rules for that host. The default rules will also be available this way and in text format below. If a Host does not have an active link, they will be governed under the default rules and regulations till a copy of their Host specific regulations are posted. Click on the hosts below to read the rules and regulations:






For a PDF copy of the PLAYERS per Group "2021 56 Game Newspaper Edition" Click Here.


For a PDF copy of the Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal 2021 56 Game FCHC here





Thunder Bay 2021 56 Game Hockey Pool

“FCHC Newspaper Edition”


Contest Rules and Regulations


1. Fantasy Cup Hockey Challenge is free to enter and open to any resident of Canada that lives in the Chronicle-Journal newspaper hard copy distribution area, except employees of the Host (Newspaper, Private or Corporate entity sponsoring or hosting the contest), affiliated sponsors,, CI Fantasy Sports, Cornerstone International Sports Business Interactive LLC, their assignees, licensees, and members of their immediate families living in the same household. Contestants must meet local area prize eligibility requirement to win and subsequently claim their prizes.


2. All entries must be postmarked/dated with January 22nd, 2021 and received at the Chronicle Journal or CI Fantasy Sports, no later than January 26th, 2021. Mail entries to Fantasy Cup Hockey Challenge c/o “TBCJ” to the address listed on the entry form or alternately to: P.O. Box 70005, RPO Kenaston, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3P 0X6. No responsibility will be taken if entries or contest related correspondence is lost, damaged, or misdirected in the mail at the offices of the Chronicle Journal, or at the offices of CI Fantasy Sports. Mailed entries with insufficient postage will be voided. Mailed entries received later than January 26th, 2021, are subject to disqualification regardless of the postmark date.


3. Only two entries per person per household. More than two entries from the same person may be removed at the discretion of CI Fantasy Sports. Each contestant will require a login and password to access their entries online. The login can be an email address or user defined name/numeric combination that must be unique to that user. A valid email address will be a requirement of access to the website of the Fantasy Cup Hockey Challenge. The email address will not have to be unique to the user.


4. No Purchase Necessary. Only official entry forms printed by The Chronicle Journal, online entry forms at , the newspaper website, or reasonably drawn facsimiles will be accepted (Photocopies of the Chronicle Journal entry form may not be accepted and may be ruled disqualified at the discretion of CI Fantasy Sports). Fantasy Cup Hockey Challenge organizers reserve the right to disqualify any entry that has been incorrectly completed, illegible to transcribe, or does not meet the residency requirements of the Chronicle Journal (Residency requirements may be pertinent to each host and you need to contact the host directly for those requirements). All entries received become the property of the contest. The participant mailing list may be made available to select companies with information on products and/or services, which may be of interest to you. If you wish to be removed from this list, please send a letter to: Hockey Mailing List Removal, P.O. Box 70005, RPO Kenaston, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3P 0X6, asking to be removed from that list. Please identify your name and address in your letter so we will remove your information appropriately. This contest is run under the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). List availability will only be done with the permission of CI Fantasy Sports, and the Host collectively.


5. Players statistics are accumulated from the start of the NHL Regular Season (Wednesday January 13th, 2021) and will continue to the last day of the Regular Season (Saturday May 8th, 2021). Statistics are to be considered final from the day they are recovered, regardless of any subsequent changes made by any other reporting organization. CI Fantasy Sports will compile the statistics with or without the assistance of an outside statistical service. The contest statistics are adjusted at the sole discretion of CI Fantasy Sports. Statistics and rankings will be updated daily and at any subsequent time deemed necessary by CI Fantasy Sports. All Inquiries on statistics require you to contact There is no phone or mail support inquiries for this contest unless otherwise requested or at the discretion of CI Fantasy Sports. Statistics are posted, allocated, and points awarded as the stats are verified by the NHL and CI Fantasy Sports. In some instances, stats may not be added for a period of 2 to 3 days. In the event that stats are not added within 24 hours of being reported by other agencies, we will add them and back date them appropriately to the date they were achieved. This in some instances may affect weekly prize awards standings, but weekly prize awards will not be adjusted once that prize has been awarded, and the new stats will just be added to the overall total and will not count towards the next week prize award qualification totals.


6. Weekly Prizes and Grand Prizes: Grand Prizes and Weekly prizes are displayed, announced, awarded and determined by the The Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal (TBCJ) with or without the assistance of CI Fantasy Sports. Contact the TBCJ (Host) for all matters on prize listings, and claim instructions. Prize listing may or may not be listed at, but may be listed in the call for entry ad, the weekly update ad, the host website, or at the offices of the host.  

Participants may only win one of the Grand Prizes.  Participants may only win one weekly prize category each week.


In the determination of Grand prizes and weekly prizes, in the event of a tie, the prize will be awarded using the following tie break formulas:


Sharpshooter (Most Goals that week) - The contestant who has the best +/- minus rating of the tied contestants will be ruled the winner. If they still remain tied, then the contestant with a better overall rank in the contest will be ruled the winner. If they still remain tied at this point, a random draw will be made to determine the winner of that prize category.


Mover and Shaker (Most points that week) – In the event of a tie, the contestant who has the most goals that week will be ruled the winner. If they remained tied then the contestant with the best overall +/- will be ruled the winner. If they still remain tied, then the best rankings contestant in the contest will be ruled the winner. If they still remain tied, a random draw will be made to determine the winner.


Grand Prize Awards: In the event of a tie for any of the Grand Prizes at the completion of the contest, the contestant with the most goals, will be ruled the winner.  If they still remain tied, then the contestant with a better overall +/- rating will be determined the winner. If they still remain tied at this point, a random draw will be made to determine the order of the winners.


Each weeks prizes and rankings are determined by points accumulated from the Monday to Sunday Games inclusive.


All Prize awards whether they are Weekly or Grand prizes are determined by the contest Host, and have no association to CI Fantasy Sports. Contestants will need to contact their local Host for all prize awards, prize listings, and qualification criteria. CI Fantasy Sports can not be held liable for any prize award or qualification criteria that each host organization takes. Contact your local Host organization for all Prizing Information.


7. A contestant may only win ONCE in each of the identified prize categories (Grand Prize and Weekly Prize categories). Once is identified as a contestant (not an entry) who may have 2 entries in the contest. If one of the entries wins a prize in a category, then the other entry does not qualify to win at a later date, or a lower grand prize.

Example:   Joe Smith has entry 1 and entry 2. Entry One (1) wins the mover and shaker category in week 2, so this means Joe smith’s entry # 1 and 2 can not win the mover and shaker from that time forward. However, Joe Smith would qualify to win on entry 1 or entry 2 for any of the other weekly prize categories listed by that host. Similarly, if Joe Smiths Entry 1 and Entry 2 finished Ranked #1 and #2 at the completion of the contest, only Entry # 1 would be awarded a prize. Entry 2 would be ignored and the next best ranking entry would be awarded the prize for finishing 2nd.


Weekly prizes will be awarded starting the week that the first contestant updates are published in or by the host organization (The week of Feb 8th, 2021). All prize winners will be required to provide valid Identification, and must claim their prizes from the Host. The weekly update ad published by the host each week, will state the prize claim Instructions. A Contestants who has 2 entries into a contest can Not Win more than One Grand Prize as stated above.


8. All prizes must be accepted as awarded, no substitutes. By entering this contest, you agree to the use of your name, address, photograph, and contest selections for publicity without compensation. Chances of winning are dependent upon skill used in picking your roster of players and the total number of entries received.  Winners must view their name in the Host Published ad, and contact the Host as per the instructions in the ad. Weekly and Grand Prize Winners may not be notified by email or by any posting on the websites. Contest Host, organizers, licensee's, licensers and sponsors are not responsible for any injury incurred by a contestant as a result of winning or participating in the contest. For the purposes of the contest and awarding prizes, it is the sole responsibility of the contestant to inform CI Fantasy Sports by February 19th, 2021, of any discrepancy with his or her contest selections. After February 19th, 2021, there will be no changes or adjustments to the roster selections of any contestant in this contest, and there will be no compensation to any contestants for reasons of omissions or errors in this regard. Errors of CI Fantasy Sports, their assignees, and each contestant will be treated in this fashion.


9.  If a player retires, is injured, does not play, or decides not to play in the NHL, no compensation will be made to anyone who has picked that player. It is the sole responsibility of all contestants to verify the selections on the entry form meet any and all requirements for gaining points in the contest. If a selection is represented inaccurately, does not play in the NHL, or any other circumstance, but that player remains on the entry form, it is the sole responsibility of the contestant if they choose to select a player that does not meet any conditions represented here but is represented on the entry form. All contestants will have access to FIVE (5) (5 Free trades are incorporated into the Slap shot package of 25 initial trades) and they can be used to modify your roster of players once the trading period starts (Trading starts Friday February 19th, 2021). It is the sole responsibility of the contestant to confirm they have picked players that are active and not injured in the NHL during the course of this contest, and no compensation is awarded for any mistakes or mis-representation of injury, retirement or league inclusion information on the entry form at


10. In order to receive the extra services (Slap Shot Package), possibly including a mailed-out update, Online access to individual rank, you must include the appropriate administration fee payable to “Cornerstone”, indicate acceptance of the slap shot package by checking the appropriate box on the entry form (online or Host ad) and legibly complete the address section of the entry form including postal code. Once you select your options, you will be given choice to receive your information by Mail or to retrieve it from the website itself (Free entries must retrieve their login information from the website…only slap shot holders have access to get their information mailed out to them). You will be required to submit or recover an active unique login. This unique login can not be grouped among different entries. One user defined login per 2 entries into any given host(s) contest. Contestant(s) who have multiple entries into different host contests, may use their single login information for all entries into the Fantasy Cup Hockey Challenge regardless of the number of Hosts they are playing for.


If you choose not to have a mailed-out report (Paid Slap Shot Package Holders), it will be the sole responsibility of the contestant to search, print, copy, write down, or request your login and password from our online recovery process, or the support team at Please notify CI Fantasy Sports in writing or by modifying your online contestant information page, of any changes in address as soon as possible (mail changes to: Fantasy Cup Hockey Challenge Re: address change, P.O. Box 70005, RPO Kenaston, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, R3P 0X6.). Contestants who properly request the extra services by mail but have not received their first mailed out report by February 17th, 2021, must inform CI Fantasy Sports by February 19th, 2021 if a replacement copy needs to be mailed. After February 19th, 2021, there will be no compensation or further access to mailed out information sent to accommodate any lost or misdirected correspondence. It is the sole responsibility of the contestant to confirm they have received the necessary information from CI Fantasy Sports prior to February 19th, 2021, and no monetary compensation or refunds will be activated beyond this date for misdirected or misplaced mailings or logins and passwords. If any entrant properly requests and pays for the extra services and is disqualified for any reason, they will receive a full refund of their extra services fee via the method upon which they submitted their payment (credit card reversal, Paypal or Cheque).


11. Player trading will begin at 12 NOON PST February 19th, 2021, and will continue till the end of the contest. There is no end to player trading.


Player trades - Trades made up to and including MIDNIGHT (24:00:00 hrs) Pacific Time (PT) will be active for the next day’s game. All trades made AFTER Midnight (00:00:01) PT will activated for the following day’s games. For example, Trades made anytime on Monday will be active for a Tuesday game. All traded players will have to be HELD for a period of Five (5) days before another trade in that same group can be made. For example, if a player is traded on Monday, then that player will be active for Tuesday, and you will not be able to perform a trade in that group again until Saturday, at which point your player would be active on Sunday. Once a player has been traded away, he will also be governed under these rules and you will not be able to pick him back up until the Five (5) day period has passed. If you make a trade, and realize you did not want to perform that trade or made a trade in error, you must contact the support centre within 6 hours of the trade being performed for it to be reversed. Trade reversals will be accommodated upon the discretion of CI Fantasy Sports and may not be authorized even if all conditions of this rule have been met. Please email , stating your need for a trade reversal. State the group the trade reversal is to be applied to, and we will use the email server time stamp as the indicator for reversal time verification if authorized.


Trades will be time stamped by the online database and will be active according to that time and these rules…Pacific Time is the standard time zone of reference for the contest. Internet trades will be reflected in your roster upon completion of the transaction and may take 24 hours to be viewed in your online profile. In some circumstances the trade may take longer than 48 hours to appear in your online profile. Any interpretation or assigning of time stamp authorization will be under the sole discretion of CI Fantasy Sports, and can be done with or with out the notification of the contestants or contest host.


12. The extra services are optional and are not a requirement of entry. A computer with internet access is required to use the Contest Service Centre (access to online rankings and trading). The online service centre will grant access to all contestants who have recovered and set up their login information, but only paid service package holders will have access to daily rankings and all the extra services of the slap shot service package. The Slap shot package pricing will be in effect till February 8th, 2021, at which time if you select and choose to pay for that package after that date, you will be subject an additional fee that will be outlined on the payment page and the How to play page of the hockey website. All Contestants (FREE and Service package holders) will have access to purchase additional Internet trades (up to 80 trades) as the contest progresses. The extra Trades will be made available after 12:00:00 hrs PT February 19th, 2021. Maximum total trades that can be obtained is 107 if you combine all aspects to get trades.


13. The decisions of the contest organizers will be final on all matters of fact, interpretation, eligibility, procedure and fulfillment. CI Fantasy Sports reserves the right to change or modify these rules and regulations or any other procedure or application during the course of the contest.


14. All support services will be conducted via the Fantasy Cup Hockey Challenge, and CI Fantasy Sports websites. The FAQ, Help and support services via the website will accommodate all inquires. If there is an answer that can not be addressed via the websites, then please contact the support centre at . Please state your name, entry #, phone number, email address you used in the contest, and the Host contest you are playing to submit your question. Our online support service will make every effort to contact you within 24 to 48 hours with a reply or request for further information. In some instances that time frame may be longer. There is no telephone support via our office at CI Fantasy Sports. All phone and fax inquiries may or may not be answered, and will be done so at the sole discretion of CI Fantasy Sports.


15. By entering this contest you acknowledge acceptance of all contest rules and regulations, and agree to be bound by them.


16. Fantasy Cup Hockey Challenge is Owned and Operated by, CI Fantasy Sports, and Cornerstone International a division of Sports Business Interactive LLC.